Experience the green stream valleys in and around Kerkrade

and experience the great outdoors

In Kerkrade, nature is always within easy reach, and it always offers a pleasant surprise! The green valleys of the streams are a wonderful environment in which to spend a day or afternoon. Woodland, water, and country estates make the great outdoors truly great.

Anstel valley

Forested hillsides, undulating meadows, orchards, the crystal-clear waters of the brook, and the glorious views over the Cranenweyer reservoir make the Anstel valley a characteristic landscape of Zuid-Limburg. Here you will also find the fourteenth-century Kasteel Erenstein (Erenstein Castle) with its historic gardens. A little further along you will find the eighteenth-century farmstead Nieuw Ehrenstein (photo), which is currently undergoing renovations.

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The Worm valley

The Worm valley is a beautiful area of nature near Kerkrade, extending across the border between the Netherlands and Germany. The woodland and grassland of the Worm valley are situated beside the fast-flowing little river, the Worm (or Wurm in German), running along the border. Kingfishers are often spotted here, as are beavers. In Haanrade, on the outskirts of Kerkrade, a herd of Galloway cattle graze in the pastures beside the Worm. This is also where you can find the historic Baalsbruggermolen water mill, a 900-year-old water mill that was formerly part of the Rolduc Abbey.

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Bosquet of Rolduc Abbey

The Bosquet of Rolduc Abbey is a park-like area of hillside woodland around this centuries-old abbey. The woodland features a number of attractive ponds. The name of this woodland dates from the time of the French occupation. The woodland is also known as the ‘Devil's Forest’ due to the steep slopes.

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Gravenrode Park

The former mining area on the boundary between Kerkrade and Landgraaf has been transformed into a tourist gem in recent years: Gravenrode Park. This beautiful green area has a surprisingly varied landscape, with woodland, brooks, a reservoir, farmsteads, and castles and manor houses. In 2009, Gravenrode Park won the Eden Award, crowning the area as the most sustainable tourist destination in the Netherlands.

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Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is a wonderful place for a walk, enjoying the beautiful greenery around you. The garden was developed in 1939 in the style of an English landscape garden. The many winding paths make the 1.5-hectare garden seem larger than it actually is.

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Peschbeemden meadows

The Peschbeemden meadows lie to the southwest of the district of Bleijerheide in Kerkrade. This multifaceted area of nature has a wealth of flora.

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Pferdelandpark (park)

The Pferdelandpark is a beautiful landscape park between Aachen, Herzogenrath, and Kerkrade. Various landscape gems can be found in this cross-border area, such as the 'Höhenpromenade' and the 'Maulbeerhügel' (Mulberry hill).

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