The versatility of Kerkrade is also reflected in the large number of events. Kerkrade is full of culture & events! At the annual events, Kerkrade is transformed into a world of music, excitement, song and dance! 

Annual events


Kerkrade welcomes carnival enthusiasts for the ‘three crazy days’ of carnival as the city always celebrates it in exuberant style! From the very start of the carnival season on the 'eleventh of the eleventh' (11 November), people are welcome to join in with the many gatherings and carnival-related activities. During carnival, several parades will make their way through Kerkrade's districts. The carnival season is brought to a close with the traditional ‘KloneTrekke’ (Clown Gathering) on Shrove Tuesday.

Emergency Services Day for the Euregio Meuse-Rhine

During the Emergency Services Day for the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, all the emergency services and associated organizations will present themselves in the centre of Kerkrade. The entire afternoon is dedicated to getting a look at what happens behind the scenes within the fire brigade, police force, military police corps, and ambulance services. The Ministry of Defence and a collection of vintage vehicles are regular attendees and usually attract good crowds. This is not just limited to the emergency services in the Netherlands, as neighbouring countries also come to show off their emergency services’ equipment. The Emergency Services Day for the Euregio Meuse-Rhine is an event for young and old alike! You can see inside the impressive vehicles and watch the spectacular demonstrations during a day that is guaranteed to impress.


Each year, the fair in Kerkrade city centre welcomes you to spin, soar, and swoop to your heart's content on one of the many fairground rides. The fair always opens on the Friday and closes on the Wednesday. The Markt (market square) in Kerkrade welcomes visitors of all ages to come and enjoy the rides and the vibrant atmosphere in the city.

Guido Dieteren's concerts

For the next three years –2018, 2019, and 2020 – Limburg’s summer event agenda will be supplemented with a large-scale concert by Guido’s Orchestra at the Markt (market square) in Kerkrade. In typical Guido Dieteren style, the concert will be a varied mix of classical music with modern, innovative elements. As Guido himself describes it, it is a contemporary, all-encompassing spectacle that alternates between specially-written compositions, new arrangements, and impressive guest artists and acts.

The Eurode cycle race

Each year, Kerkrade hosts the final of the national elite competition: the Eurode cycle race. A wonderful future invariably awaits the cyclists competing for prizes. The Eurode cycle race guarantees activities for an entire weekend. Saturday focuses on activities for recreational cyclists and children, whereas Sunday is when the elites and high-potentials compete. For the onlookers, there are plenty of activities around the start/finish location as well as plenty of interesting viewing points along the track, with the Mont Chevre, the Haanraderberg, and the Duivels Bosch worthy of particular mention.

The Kerkrade city run

Kerkrade organizes the Kerkrade city run in the autumn of each year. This run takes participants on a challenging course through the centre of Kerkrade on a one-kilometre route for children, and five or ten-kilometre routes for recreational and competitive runners.

World Music Contest (WMC)

WMC Kerkrade promotes international music for wind instruments, encourages talent of all ages, strives for innovation, and supports the development of the quality of musicians and wind orchestras worldwide. Once every four years, WMC Kerkrade hosts a large-scale competition programme for the World Music Contest (the famous international festival for music for wind instruments), a high-quality series of concerts, and an appealing fringe programme. During WMC Kerkrade you can enjoy: Concert competitions for wind orchestras and percussion ensembles including marching and show competitions for marching/show bands, a course for conductors, a competition for young wind orchestra conductors, a high-quality series of concerts, an extensive programme that includes Young Generation projects, workshops, and much more. In addition to the World Music Contest, WMC Kerkrade also organizes all kinds of activities.

Terwinseler annual market

The Sunday before Ascension Day is when the traditional Terwinseler street market takes place on the streets surrounding the beautiful botanical garden in Kerkrade's Terwinselen district. The market attracts visitors from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany and is open from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Visitors can enjoy watching the lively trade, demonstrations, information provision, entertainment, sports, and games.

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