Top ten hotspots

in Kerkrade

First time in Kerkrade? Or perhaps you've visited before? We have put together a top ten of things you should definitely see and do during your visit! 

Don't miss these highlights!


GaiaZOO has been crowned the most beautiful zoo in the Benelux region four time already. This exceptional zoo offers a breathtaking world of animals and nature.

At GaiaZOO, you can travel all over the world in a single day! In Africa, you will stand face to face with the world's most impressive animals, such as gorillas, rhinos, giraffes, and cheetahs. In the rainforests of Amazonia, you will find all kinds of monkeys swinging and climbing all over the place, and in the squirrel monkey forest enclosure the monkeys actually clamber around above your head!

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Museumplein Limburg (Columbus, Continium en Cube)

The theatre, museum, and discovery centre located at Museumplein Limburg (Limburg’s museum square) each tell a part of the oldest story on earth: the relationship between humans and the world in which they live. The three institutions all focus on different target groups, while the public part of the square serves all those target groups, offering services and relaxation.

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LeisureDome Kerkrade

The LeisureDome in Kerkrade offers fun for everyone in the broadest sense of the word. LeisureDome is the ultimate day out; the perfect location for parties, company events, and fun for young and old at a single location. There is a mega-cinema, a bowling complex and lounge, a laser game venue, a football arena, an escape room, a children's play facility, a GlowGolf course, a gaming and amusement arcade, the Space Jump trampolining centre, and much more.

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Rolduc Abbey

Rolduc is the biggest abbey in the Benelux region and one of UNESCO's Top 100 monuments in the Netherlands. A tour will show you the most beautiful spots. You can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere in the cloister brasserie and on the café terrace

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Roda JC, Kerkrade (football club)

Attend a match and see this club with its proud history up close. Book a tour of the stadium and discover how it feels to stand on the centre spot! The Parkstad Limburg stadium (with 19,500 seats) also hosts a wide variety of events, including the marching competitions and shows of the World Music Contest.

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Baalsbruggermolen water mill & Worm valley

The Baalsbruggermolen water mill is 900 years old and the only abbey mill in the Netherlands. The mill has been restored in recent years, and a water wheel is due to be added to the outer wall in the near future. The mill regularly hosts activities. The Baalsbruggermolen water mill is situated in the valley of the river Worm, where you can walk and cycle along the banks of this river marking the border between the Netherlands and Germany. You can enjoy the exceptional flora and fauna here.

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Botanical Garden

Kerkrade's Botanical Garden is the only botanical garden in the province of Limburg. You can enjoy the native and exotic flora during wonderful walks in this English-style landscape garden, which is a protected state monument. Relax on the terrace or in the conservatory with a cup of coffee and a slice of the local sweet speciality, vlaai. With its attractive vistas and water features, the garden offers a charming setting for the many events that are held here throughout the year.

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Hub Kerkrade

HuB Kerkrade unites the theatre, library and music and dance school. This cosy ‘livingroom of the town’ is brimming over with (cultural) activities for young and old!

Opening hours: Mon 1-6 pm, Tue-Wed-Fri 10 am-6 pm,
Thu 10 am-8 pm, Sat 10 am-2 pm

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Schacht Nulland - the Nulland mine shaft

Schacht Nulland - the Nulland mine shaft - was part of the former Domaniale mine in Kerkrade, the oldest coal mine in the Netherlands. Former miners from the Domaniale mine set up the ‘Koempels van de Domaniale’ (Dominale Colliers) foundation. They restored the mine shaft and turned it into a museum. They have provided tours for various target groups since 2013, from primary school groups to families and from associations to company excursions.

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Kerkrade city centre

Come to the modernized city centre and taste the atmosphere on one of the café terraces. Children will enjoy the little fountains on the Markt (market) square. Experience the many events and activities that take place in the city centre. The weekly market is held every Friday morning.

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