What is there to do in Kerkrade?

A city full of experiences...

Perhaps you have already planned a visit to the award-winning GaiaZOO. Another highlight is Discovery Museum, where you can dive into the world of science and technology. Or visit LeisureDome, a true play paradise where you and your family can spend hours. Rolduc Abbey, the largest abbey in Benelux, is also a must. And we could go on and on! Outdoors, indoors, active or relaxing: plenty of choice.

Experience the green stream valleys in and around Kerkrade

In Kerkrade, nature is always within easy reach, and it always offers a pleasant surprise! The green valleys of the streams are a wonderful environment in which to spend a day or afternoon. Woodland, water, and country estates make the great outdoors truly great.

From Carnival to the Romans

Cultural life in Kerkrade is multifaceted. Throughout the year you can enjoy large and smaller events, such as the World Music Contest, Carnival and the Euroregional Living Statues Festival. HuB Kerkrade and the Rodahal provide a continuous and varied theatre and music programme. Walking through the town, too, you can see the town's cultural diversity and rich history in the more than 80 statues you encounter everywhere: from D'r Joep as the symbol of the miner to the colourful Viva la Vida by Spanish artist Ripollés.

The best tips for a day in Kerkrade

Kerkrade is a city with great appeal; a city with a great variety of events, attractions, and sights, and a city with beautiful and exceptional nature within easy reach.

Don't miss these highlights!

First time in Kerkrade? Or perhaps you've visited before? We have put together a top ten of things you should definitely see and do during your visit! 

There is so much to discover in Kerkrade: